Songwriting Pack (Acoustic) & Digital Discography

Have a song written by t.k. and receive a polished acoustic recording.Includes the entire digital discography (10 albums and 3 eps)

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Do you have words or an idea that you’d like produced as a song? Would you like to commission your very own t.k. bollinger song? It can be either inspired from your life or your favourite poem or a piece of your or another person’s writing.

The way it would work: You’d get together and chat with t.k. (online/skype/face to face if you are in Melbourne) to give him an idea of what you’d like the song to be about. t.k. would then take that information and go away and write you a song.

This is the basic deal which would include a polished acoustic recording of your song sent to you digitally. You’d own all the rights to the song, so you could release it or just share it with your family and friends.

If you’d like to collaborate on a song with t.k. then this is the reward for you.

BONUS: By purchasing this reward you also get t.k.’s entire digital discography (10 LPS; 3 EPs; 132 Tracks; over 10 Hours of music).


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