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11 LPS; 4 EPs; 160 Tracks; over 12 Hours of music… The entire discography to date.

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The entire t.k. bollinger discography to date, including the new 17 song double album and last years That Sinking Feeling album. You will have the option of downloading as uncompressed Wav files and/or Mp3s at 160 kbps for your extreme listening pleasure.

Albums Include:
The Sky for its Background the Earth For It’s Stage (unreleased folk song arrangements of the poems of Barcroft Boake) LP (2004)
My Delicate Melancholy Devotion LP (2005)
Sad City Twilight Demo EP (2007)
The Arsenic Hour Demo LP (2009)
A Wide Road Called Sorrow LP (2011)
Denial EP (2011)
Naked Despair EP (2013)
The Roots of Despair EP (2013)
A Catalogue of Woe – t.k.bollinger & that sinking feeling LP (2014)
Stripped Beaten Naked and Afraid (Death Roots Comp) LP (2015)
Shy Ghosts LP (2016)
What’s Left Now You Are Dead To Me LP (2017)
The Tighter You Hold Onto Something The More Likely It Will Fall Apart In Your Hands LP (2018)
Doom Blues – t.k.bollinger & that sinking feeling LP (2019)
The Child Who Does Not Feel the Comfort of the Village will Burn it Down to Feel its Warmth LP (2020)

Total Tracks: 160
Total Length: 12hrs 12mins


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