The Child Who Does Not Feel the Comfort of the Village… PreRelease Crowd Funding


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I’ve always identified with the outliers and outsiders, feeling like one for most of my life. So it’s no small surprise to think that I would have outsider creations of my own that would manifest in my creative output. This is an album about, and for, those children – an attempt to explore the feeling, sensations and motivations of what it means to dwell outside of the warmth of the village, how it cripples you with its loneliness and how it makes you stronger through the gifts that can arise in solitude. The outsider is not always destined to be an outcast or a pariah. To dwell outside the norm is also the necessary direction taken by any outlier: the seer, the explorer of the wilds; the prophet; the wise.

This album will be released digitally on Good Friday (a day that celebrates the demise of a famous outsider) 10th of April 2020. Physical copies of the album will be available for preorder here on my website and then afterwards on bandcamp.

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy getting to know my problem children as much as I have in rediscovering them again.

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If the pledge total reaches $1000: Every person who pledged $50 or above will receive a bonus Digital Download containing the live acoustic performances of the songs on the album, sent to them with or after their order.

If the pledge total reaches $2000: Every person who pledged $100 or above will also receive a bonus CD from my discography sent to them with their order.