The Tighter You Hold Onto Something… PreRelease Crowd Funding


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Goal 1 is $1000 (see BONUSES below)
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This album has been more of a solo affair, and it’s reflected in the sound and style. There’s nothing like a pure and singular focus to allow you to capture a pure vision. So I’ve been a little caught up in making this album which is also why I’ve been a little quiet not playing my regular live casts on Facebook and Periscope. But at some time Zarathustra has to come down from the mountain, or in my case, out of the studio, and show you what he’s realised. Music is probably pointless if it doesn’t reach out to you the listener and try and win you over.

For those of you new to my music, although my songs are often quite singular and personal expressions, I also think they talk to something in all of us. Maybe not things we are necessarily eager to pursue, but definitely things we need to face at some point. My music is probably something you’d listen to on your own, prompting hopefully bitter sweet reflections of your own losses and also warming you to hopes of new and beautiful things that beacon. Ultimately I hope this music will lift you up, not make you sad.

Not only do I need your ears to hear my songs, but I need your financial help to realise this vision as a physical release, as well as your ongoing support to keep me writing into the future. Which is why I’ve started this crowd-funding campaign. All the rewards you choose to buy from the pledge shop, as well as providing you with some sweet memorabilia of this album that you can cherish while you listen to the music, will also help me to keep the flame alive inside. As with my last campaign, this is a make your own reward pack shopping journey for you, a choose your own adventure.

So please take a look at the rewards below, select the things you want to buy and remember that the money you pledge is helping to keep independent art free and alive. So thank you for your generosity and thank you for your support.

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase anything (or everything) listed in the pledge shop below.
    NOTE: All prices are a suggested minimum. If your heart and wallet are happy to oblige, you can pledge more than the price you see.
  2. Once you have placed the rewards you want to claim in your shopping basket, go to the checkout and pay. The money will be deducted from your Paypal account.
  3. All digital rewards will be delivered when the campaign ends – on the 1st of August 2018.
    All physical rewards will be manufactured after that time and may take up to a month (at the most) before I send it to you via the glory of the worldwide postage system.
    I will keep you informed on how things are going in the Pledger’s only Updates Page. You will receive an email with the password for this page once you have made your pledge.
  4. NOTE: Prices are all in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS
    For exchange rates visit: PayPal Currency Converter (requires you to be logged in to PayPal)


If the pledge total reaches $1000: Every person who pledged $50 or above will receive a bonus "The Tighter You Hold Onto Something... Acoustic Live" Digital Download containing the live acoustic performances of the songs on the album, sent to them with their order.

If the pledge total reaches $2000: Every person who pledged $100 or above will also receive a bonus "Best of Coffee and Croon" CD/Digital Download containing 10 of the best tracks from my live cast sent to them with their order.