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Special Exclusive Live Cast for Contributors

I have set up a secret group on facebook where I intend to do paid live cast popup performances at least once a month. It’s been given the ominous moniker of The Dungeon. When it’s up and running, punters who wish to gain entry and watch the show will need to be on Facebook. They will receive a temporary membership for the duration of the performance and the week post performance to watch the show, replays and comment and leave their feedback. After that week membership will lapse and the show will disappear forever. I will also be offering discounted subscriptions for those who would like to witness every show throughout the year.

In order to give it a trial run I will be holding a special show for all you lovely people who contributed to my crowdfunding campaign. The date of the cast is TBA. Of course, time zones being what they are, not everyone will be able to tune in when I play live. I will try and time the performance to a time that best suits the majority of funding contributors. Regardless, if you can tune in or not, I will leave the cast up in the group for a week to give everyone a chance to catch up and watch it before it disappears for ever. I will also record it and post that video in the Group for a week in case there are any technical difficulties with the live cast.

I’m very excited about this idea and I hope you can join me to make this a fun initiation for this live performance idea. Feel free to leave comments below on your thoughts about this idea, and what days and times are best for you.

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