About the Project

Welcome to my third Prerelease crowd funding campaign. While recording my last three albums there were always a few left over tracks that didn’t seem to fit into the flow. While there were some I liked too much to hold back – which became hidden bonus tracks – there were also a whole gaggle of outliers such as the quirky pop homage that came to me when I listened to nothing but Lykke Li’s Youth Novels for a week; the dark tale of death at sea when Australia was in the depths of its ugly political debate about offshore processing of refugees. These were the songs that seemed too slow or too fast, too rocking, too stripped back or just too dark for a public airing.

Art appreciation is a highly prejudicial pastime. So it was with great surprise that when I revisited these songs, stripped of whatever prejudice had made me sideline them, I realised that they did work thematically as an album.

After grouping these songs into a rough chronological order, I realised that there was a journey here that made sense. This is not just an album of rarities and unreleased tracks, it is a story that developed organically. I sometimes look at my songs as prescient. I rarely sit down and say, “I’m going to write a song about X”. I’m more likely to have a tune lodge itself in my head and then I’ll tease it out and a story will follow. Even though I know at the time that the words I write are the right words for the song, sometimes I’m left wondering what the hell they mean. I’ll put the song away and then one day it will pop into my head again and I’ll realise, “Oh, that’s what that was about.”

I’ve always identified with the outliers and outsiders, feeling like one for most of my life. So it’s no small surprise to think that I would have outsider creations of my own that would manifest in my creative output. This is an album about, and for, those children – an attempt to explore the feeling, sensations and motivations of what it means to dwell outside of the warmth of the village, how it cripples you with its loneliness and how it makes you stronger through the gifts that can arise in solitude.

As with my last campaigns this campaign is about reaching out to you, the members of my community, as much as it is about sharing the accomplishments of the past few years’ writing and recording. While my dreams of artistic self-sufficiency have not been fully realised as yet, the success of the first two campaigns has helped me to steal my resolve and continue ploughing on and making the music that I love. So thank you to all that contributed to thye last campaigns for helping me to make it through another year.

The reason this campaign is important remains. While I love sharing my music with everyone, giving it away doesn’t help me pay the bills, or bring food onto the kitchen table, for my family and myself. Therefore, any money that you pledge will not only help me to realise another album project by creating the artifacts that go with it – pressing the CDs, creating the books and T-shirts that you can claim, but also allow me to write more music, make more recordings and help me to continue to explore the rich musical world inside me. I can’t do this on my own, and I want to stay independent in order to continue following the vision that has inspired me now for 20 years. That’s why I continue to need your help, by becoming my patron you can help me to write the songs that speak to your heart in happiness and sorrow. With your help I can produce more inspiring and meaningful works of art that tell stories that are wonderful and real and yet seldom heard from the commercial musical world. Help me to serve you with stories that speak of and to your life.